Phase 4 Training Actions/Homework

Action 1. Learn how to apply and view payments

Action 2. Understand Account Credits and define best practices regarding when and how they should be used.

Action 3. Understand how to find or delete transactions, apply refunds and more using Manage Account (Video)

Action 4. Save time using Electronic Remittance Advice or ERA (Video)

Action 5. Keep your patients in mind by offering and defining Payment Plan options and best practices.

Action 6. Determine patient collection expectations using Statement. Your Implementation Specialist will help you determine a workflow that suits your business needs. 

Action 7. Track payments an track statements to monitor payment reconciliation 

In order to successfully complete Phase 4 of your training and move into Phase 5, you must complete all of your assignments indicated above. During Phase 4 you will learn how to manage payments, payment plans and determine your patient collections workflow using statements.