Integrated Payment Processing FAQs

Is CollaborateMD PCI Compliant? Do you store credit card information? 

CollaborateMD is subject to, and in compliance with, version 3.2.1 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. CollaborateMD maintains an ongoing regulatory compliance program which includes quarterly process audits, program reviews, technical testing, and technical reviews of coding practices. Additionally, The CollaborateMD application is routinely tested by Cyber Security experts who specialize in the protection of credit card data.  

CollaborateMD has also ensured credit card data is never stored on any of our servers, further reducing the risk for potential loss. We will not store any magnetic strip data or record any credit card Numbers or Credit Card Interface Device (CCID) identifiers.

Who does your Credit Card Processing partner use for maintaining PCI Compliance?

Control Scan, a PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). Every merchant service in the US must use a 3rd party company offering PC compliance checks to determine the minimum requirements of the computer(s) used to collect credit card information.

Where can I find my Merchant Account ID?

This information is not provided by CollaborateMD. The Merchant Account ID is created by TSYS once the service is enabled by an Authorized Representative on your account. The ID is then provided to them. If the Authorized Representative does not have this information, they can contact TSYS Support for further assistance.

How do I process a credit card reversal for Integrated Payment Processing accounts?

Credit card reversals should be processed on the Transaction Express website. You can contact TSYS Support in the event you have any questions or need assistance with your USB Card Reader.