Manually Apply an Insurance Payment

Apply Payment Only allows you to apply an insurance payment to a single patient’s account. To apply a full insurance payment that includes adjustment(s) and remark/reason code(s), please use the Apply as EOB option.

Selecting this option will allow you to automatically distribute the payment towards charges that have a balance set to "Due Insurance" or "Due Patient".

  1. Select Payment > Post.

  2. Fill in the option for Insurance Payment.

  3. Click on the  icon next to Payment By to search for the insurance payer you received the payment from.  Or click on the  icon to “Find by Claim” 

    You can search Name, DOB, Account #, Member ID, Claim ID, or TCN # to “Find by Claim.”

  1. Enter the check information (e.g., Payment Amount, Received/Check Date, Check/EFT#, Other Ref#, and Source).

  2. Click the Apply Payment Only button and select OK to acknowledge the message displayed.

  3. Select Apply Manually and search for the claim you wish to apply the payment towards.

  4. Apply the Payment:

    Sort your search results. Visit our Reorder Table Columns Help Article for detailed steps on how to hide, rearrange or add header columns.

    1. Option A: Locate the charge(s) you want to enter the payment for and enter the amount under the Apply Payment column.

      1. If you're applying the payment towards a debit, be sure to click on the Filter Charges button and place a check in the Show debits checkbox, then select the Retrieve Charges button.

    2. Option B: Click on the Apply Remaining link to apply the payment automatically using one of the following options below:

      1. Apply charges to DUE PATIENT starting with the oldest: This option will apply the payment to the oldest charges that are set to “Balance Due Patient” or "Pending Patient".

      2. Apply charges to DUE INSURANCE starting with the oldest: This option will apply the payment to the oldest charges that are set to “Due Insurance” or "Pending Payer".

      3. Apply to all open charges: This option will apply the payment to charges that have balances starting with the oldest charge that is set to "Due Patient" then the oldest charge set to "Due Insurance".

  1. Optional: Apply any additional actions (e.g., apply discount, apply credit adjustment, apply debit adjustments, apply account credit, add info line).

  2. Click the Save Payment button.

Want to learn more about the additional actions buttons on the bottom of the screen? Visit our Additional Payment Actions Help Article.