Release 13.16.0 - September 18, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • New Save and Reopen Option in Manage Account:  When adding a credit or a debit to a patient record within Manage Account it is sometimes necessary to save, and then reopen the patient to take additional actions. The new  button within Manage Account now allows you to save your changes and automatically close and reopen the screen loading the same patient record. This allows the user to create a credit/debit or action and then immediately act on that item without having to manually reopen the patient record.


  • Interface Tracker: New Payers Filter Option: The Interface Tracker has been updated to include a new “Payers” filter option. This new filter allows users to filter interface messages by a specific Payer or Payers. This update also added a new column within the results screen for the payer that was sent in the interface message.
    Please Note: That the payer search field and column will only work for interface messages sent after the release of this field. Messages received prior to this release will not match the payer filter or show the payer information in the column.