View Multiple Clearinghouse Reports

Are you looking to review all of the clearinghouse reports you have received within a specific time frame to ensure all claims have been adjudicated? Use the Search for Clearinghouse reports option to quickly locate all reports sent back by the clearinghouse.

  1. Select Claim > Claim Tracker.

  2. Click .

  3. Enter your Search Criteria.

    1. Use the Report Type drop-down menu to search for Clearinghouse or Payer generated reports.

    2. Use the Report Date option to include reports within the specified date range.

    3. Optional: Use the Report Contains field to filter clearinghouse reports based on the entered text.

  4. Click Search

  5. Optional: Click on the  icon to edit your search criteria.

  6. Select Open on the report you want to review.

  7. You’re able to interact with the search results by right-clicking on a row.

    1. Copy: Copies the selected row to your clipboard.

    2. Open Report: Opens the selected report.

    3. Mark as Read: Updates the selected report as Reviewed.

    4. Mark as Unread: Removes the “Reviewed” checkmark for the selected report.
  8. Click Close to exit.