Updating the Payer Option to Send Minutes Instead of Units on Anesthesia Claims

Follow the steps below to view and edit the billing option for payers.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Payers.

  2. Use the Show All button to view all payers. Or use the Search field to further drill down your search.

  3. Select the Payer.

  4. Click the Billing Options tab from the side panel. 

  5. Professional Options

  6. Under Professional Options: 
    1. Send minutes instead of units on anesthesia claims: Check this box if you would like to use minutes instead of units for anesthesia procedures.

    2. Send anesthesia start/stop times in a line note: Check this box if you would like to include the anesthesia start and stop times as a line note on the CMS-1500 claim form. 

  1. Click Save