Create an Appointment

Follow the steps below to add a new appointment for an existing or new patient.

  1. Select Appointments > Scheduler.

  2. You can create an appointment multiple ways:

    1. Option 1: Click the Schedule Appointment button.

    2. Option 2: Right-click on the appointment slot where you would like to add an appointment.  Next, select New Appointment.

      Have an appointment in your waiting list that can be scheduled in this time slot?
      Click Add from Waiting List, select the Appointment Type, then click the Request you want to schedule an appointment for.

    3. Option 3: Double-click on the appointment slot where you would like to add an appointment.

  3. Under the Appointment tab, complete the following steps

    1. Add a Patient to the appointment.

      1. Use the  icon to locate an existing patient

      2. Or use the  icon to create a new patient record for this appointment.

    2. Verify the appointment date, time and length.

    3. To allow other appointments to be scheduled at the same time as this appointment, place a check in the Allow appointment to overbook with another appointment box.

    4. Use the Appt Status drop-down menu to select the status for this appointment.

    5. Use the Appt Type drop-down menu to select the type for this appointment. 

    6. Use the Resource  drop-down menu to select the resource this appointment should be assigned to.

    7. Use the Facility drop-down menu to select the facility for this appointment.

    8. Use the Office Location drop-down menu to select the office location for this appointment.

    9. Optional: Populate the patient's reason for the appointment in the Chief Complaint field.

    10. Optional: Check the Repeat appointment every checkbox to schedule this appointment as a repeating appointment.

      1. Set the Intervals the appointment should be scheduled by number or days or weeks.

      2. Set when the appointment should stop repeating based on a date or after a set amount of appointments.  

    11. Optional: Type any other notes in the Comment field.

  4. Under the Patient tab, verify or add the patient’s information.

  5. Under the Payment tab, post any applicable patient payments.

  6. Click Save.

Did you know that the system can automatically check a patient’s eligibility after creating an appointment? After we check the patient’s eligibility You can see the results from the scheduler by hovering over the status icon in the top right of the appointment. Visit our Viewing Eligibility from the Scheduler Help Article for detailed steps on how to view/read the eligibility status Icons.