A/R Aging Summary Report

Description: The A/R Aging Summary Report displays a summarized view of outstanding charges due insurance, due patient, due other, or at collections. The main table includes aging buckets, followed by the balance related to each charge status. See Appendix A for more information on additional charge statuses that are included into each column. 

This report also includes four (4) additional co-displays that reflect a summary of balances by payer type, current payer, total balance by payer priority (primary, secondary, tertiary) and total balances that includes credits.

Outstanding charge balance totals for each aging bucket are broken into 4 main columns comprising of the following charge statuses:

  1. Balance Due Insurance
    1. Send to Insurance via Clearinghouse
    2. Claim at Insurance
    3. User Print & Mail to Insurance
    4. Pending Insurance
    5. Appeal at Insurance
    6. Denied at Insurance
  2. Balance Due Patient
    1. Balance Due Patient
    2. Paid
    3. Pending Patient
  3. Balance Due Other
    1. On Hold
    2. Waiting for Review
    3. Pending Physician
  4. Balance at Collections
    1. Collections

Limitations: Does not include deleted or incomplete charges and does not include payments or adjustment. To see a breakdown of outstanding charge balances that include payment information such as total payments and adjustments, please see the A/R Aging Summary with Payment Info Report

Important Note: The aging report buckets displayed are always based on charge from date no matter what dates are chosen in the filter window.