Estimate Data

Estimate Data holds all information associated with a customer's patient estimates. All of the fields under this category correspond directly with fields found within the Scheduler and Claim section of the application, within the Estimates side panel option.

 Name Description
Estimate Appointment IDDisplays the unique identifier for an Appointment with an Estimate. This field cannot be seen anywhere in the application but can be used on reports to distinguish one appointment's data from another.
Estimate Claim IDDisplays the unique identifier of the claim associated with the Estimate.
Estimate Patient IDDisplays the account number of the patient associated with an Estimate.  
Estimate Create UserDisplays the username of the user that created the Estimate.
Estimate is Due?Displays "Yes" if the Estimate has been set to "Due Patient." Displays "No" otherwise.
Is Main Estimate?Displays "Yes" if the Estimate is the main Estimate.  Displays "No" otherwise.
Estimate Due DateAssociated with the date on which the Estimate payment is due.
Estimate Entered DateDisplays the date on which the Estimate was added to the system.
Estimate AmountDisplays the total amount of the Estimate created.
Estimate BalanceDisplays the Estimate's total balance (Amount - payments).
Estimate CopayDisplays the Estimate's balance associated with the copay.
Estimate DeductibleDisplays the Estimate's balance associated with the deductible.
Estimate Paid AmountDisplays the total amount paid towards the patient Estimate.