Print Installment Details for Payment Plan

Follow the steps below to print  Payment Plan installment details.

  1. Select Patient > Payment Plans.

  2. Search for your desired patient by typing the name, DOB, account #, member id, or phone #.

    You can Search by insured, Search inactive patients or search Show exact matches only by checking the respective checkboxes.

  1. Select the Patient.

  2. Any active payment plans will be shown.

  3. Locate the payment plan you would like to print and click the More button.

  4.  Choose your option from the drop-down.

    1. Print Summary: Print a summary of the payment plan.

    2. Print Statement: Print the payment plan statement with installment details.

    3. Track Payment: Tracks applied payment

    4. Track Statement: Tracks the payment plan statement.  

  5. Select Print to print installment details.