Prompt Payment Discount FAQs

What are the benefits of setting up and using a Prompt Payment Discount code? 

The Prompt Payment Discount feature allows customers to set up a Prompt Payment Discount code that will automatically apply if patients pay within a certain timeframe after their first statement is sent.

  1. Customer Benefits: The patients will pay faster because they are incentivized by receiving a reduced rate. This translates into fewer patients owing money and less time in A/R. This also saves the practice money in additional statements and, potentially, additional collections costs.  

  1. Patient Benefits: The patients have an opportunity to potentially pay less by paying on time. The patients will also be able to see the amount due with and without the discount, and the date it must be "Paid By" to receive the discount in their statements and the payment portal.   

Is there a fee to set up or use The Prompt Payment Discount codes? 

There is no fee to use the Prompt Payment Discount. It is included for both Medical Practice and Billing Service customers at no additional cost. Note: We encourage customers that are using this feature, to enable the Inn App Credit Card Processing and the Payment Portal features in order to use Prompt Payment Discount to its full potential.

Why are the Prompt Payment Discounts not showing up in the patient statements?

In order to show the information about the Prompt Payment Discount within the patient statements, the option to "Show Prompt Payment Discount Information" must be enabled from the User Print Statement Templates.  Please take a look at our Statement Configuration Help Article for more info. 

Why can't I add a Prompt Payment Discount code to my account?

In order to use this feature, a user must have the Codes permission set to Access and Modify. If you cant add a Prompt Payment Discount code, partner with your Auth Rep so he/she can grant you access. 

Will the discount apply to each statement sent for the same charges?

No, the Prompt Payment Discount will apply if the payment is made within the set timeframe starting on the first statement date. Subsequent statements for previous balances due will not qualify for the discount.

Will the discount apply to partial payments made on time? 

No, the Prompt Payment Discount will apply only if the payment fully pays off the balance. 

What if I no longer want the discounts to be automatically applied? 

In the event that a Prompt Payment Discount (Adjustment Code) is no longer needed, you can inactivate the code to prevent it from automatically applying discounts to patients.  Note: There is no way to permanently delete an adjustment code.

Will my Prompt Payment Discount apply to Patient Estimates? 

No,  the Prompt Payment Discounts will only apply to existing charge balances. The discounts will not be applied to patient estimates.

What happens if I add 2 PPD codes at the same time? Which one will be applied to the patient?

If there are 2 active PPD codes that apply to the same patients, the system will apply the one with the highest discount. For example, if there is a 10% discount and a 15% discount code, the system will apply the 15% discount and omit the lower discount code.