Welcome to CollaborateMD!  Our goal is to ensure you have everything you need to get started to complete your account setup and ensure your success. 

The implementation material can be customized to specific workflows or business needs in order to deliver the proper CollaborateMD-based lessons. We ask that you dedicate a Main Point of Contact (MPoC) - also referred to as “Trainee” - to work with our dedicated Implementation Specialist (IS) to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) within the CollaborateMD (CMD) application. The MPoC will be  responsible for embracing our “Train the Trainer” (T3) philosophy which provides them with the necessary skills, confidence, resources, and knowledge to facilitate the training of others in your office for the MPoC’s business. At the end of implementation, other users within your account will be able to effectively leverage the MPoC as their SME to guarantee their success, and fill any knowledge gaps within the CMD application. 

Below are activities you will need to understand and complete in order to properly administer and setup your CollaborateMD(CMD) Account.

Understanding our Department Agreements

Our Agreements provide the proper foundation and expectations pertaining to how CMD invoices, trains and supports you as the MPOC, and other CMD users.  It is important for the MPOC to understand each agreement prior to training to ensure a successful partnership.  

Click here to review our Department Agreements.

Account Setup Overview

Our Account Setup Process will guide you on how to properly configure your user profile, account information, practice information, provider information and payment profile. If you need assistance, contact your Sales Representative. 

After setting up your account, you will receive an introductory phone call from your dedicated IS who will provide you with an overview of the training and next steps in becoming a SME within the CMD application.

Completing Your Account Setup

Please reference the ‘CollaborateMD - Welcome’ email for your login credentials: username and temporary password. You’ll need to  have the information denoted below readily available to successfully complete the Account Setup within the CMD application:

For your Account:  Account Name, Account Tax ID, Billing Address, and Account Owner Information.

For your Practice: Practice Name, Taxonomy Specialty (?), Primary Office Address, and NPI (?).

For your Provider: Provider Name, Taxonomy Specialty (?), and Billing Tax ID (SSN or EIN).

For your Payment Profile: Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Account Information.

After completing the Account Setup Process you can continue configuring the rest of your account or wait until the IS contacts and guides you through the training phases! 

Please take a few minutes to review our Knowledge Center (Overview Video) and Application (Overview Video | Navigation Video) to assist you with your Account Setup.

Click here to learn more about training with your dedicated IS.