Refunds & Reversals Gadget

Best used to: Track how refunds and reversals are impacting your net revenue on a daily and weekly basis.

Designed for: Administrators

Filters: Received or Entered Date; Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days; View Options: Refunds & Reversals, Only Refunds, Only Reversals

Drill Down: Includes ability to drill down to amount within a specific date when viewing results for the Last 90 Days.

Details: If not closely monitored and accounted for, refunds and reversals can have a serious impact on your business’ net revenue, especially if gone unnoticed. The Refunds & Reversals gadget helps to keep you fully aware of all recent negative impacts to your revenue, preventing any surprises while closing your books.

Drill Through: This report includes a direct connection to the Refund/Reversal report.


  • Only includes refunds and reversals that have been posted/saved. Unapplied ERAs that include refunds/reversals are not reflected in this report.