Appointments FAQs

How can I prevent deleted, canceled or rescheduled appointments from appearing on my scheduler?

To prevent certain appointments from appearing within your scheduler view, go to the Appointments > Scheduler. Under the filter window on the bottom right expand the Status filter. Once expanded, select all of the appointment Statuses you wish to see with the exception of Deleted, Canceled, and/or Rescheduled (these should be left unchecked).

Don't want to see deleted appointments to show on your reports? Follow the steps below.

1. Within Appointments > Configuration > Appointment Statues

2. Search for the Status (e.g., deleted).

3. Select the option "Appointments with this status are deleted and will not show on reports".

4. Click Save.

What will happen to my appointments if i delete the Resource?

When inactivating a Resource on the scheduler, the appointments linked to that specific resource will not be visible or available on the scheduler. If you would like to access the associated appointments, you will have to reactivate the resource, retrieve the appointments, change to a new resource, then inactivate (delete) the Resource.

Are there reports that track Scheduler activity?

The following reports within the Report section are related to the Appointment Scheduler:

What should I check for if I cannot find some of my scheduled appointments?

Can't find some of your scheduled appointments? Try the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Verify the correct Filters are chosen within the Scheduler screen.
  2. Verify the appointment Type and/or Status is Active.
  3. Verify the correct Department is chosen and marked as Active within the resource.
  4. Verify the patient is still Active.