Add a Remark or Adjustment Reason Code

Follow the steps below to manually add a Remark or Adjustment Reason code.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Codes... > Remittance Codes.

  2. Click the New Remittance Code button. 

  3. Add the code name in the Code field.

  4. Use the Type drop-down menu to select if this code is an Adj Reason or Remark code

  5. Use the Information Level drop-down menu to select the information level shown within Claim Tracker as a Tracking Status.

    1. INFO: This code represents general information only.

    2. WARNING: This code represents a warning, alert or some information requiring further review. This will display as a warning in Claim Tracker

    3. ERROR: This code represents a denial, rejection, or other error interrupting the claim process. This will  display as an error in Claim Tracker

  6. Choose whether you would like to Include this code on my denial reports or Include this code on my adjustment reason reports.

  7. Add a Report Description. 

    Tip: The description added here can be viewed when running reports that include this remittance code.

  8. Add the Long Description for your remittance code.

  9. Place a check in the Use Memo line on Activity and Statements box to configure a memo line to be added when the code is used.

  10. Click Save.