Apply an Unapplied Copay to a Claim

Follow the steps below to apply an unapplied copay credit to a claim.

 The unapplied Copay DOS and the Claim’s “From DOS” need to match and the claim must have an available copay balance.

  1. Select Claim > Claim.

  2. Use the Search field to search for your claim. 

    Place a check in the “Show exact matches only” box to search for exact matches or “Show unpaid claims only” to show claims that may need follow-up.

  1. Open the claim.

  2. Click on the Payment tab from the side panel.

  3. Fill in the button for Apply Account Credit to Claim.

    1. The Credit Available will display.

    2. Populate the Applied Amount field with the amount of credit to apply. 

    3. Select the Received Date.

    4. The Memo field is defaulted to Apply Account Credit. If necessary, update the memo per your business needs.

  4. Click Save.

    Save yourself some time and automate this process by enabling the Automatically apply unapplied copays when claims are entered: option found within the Claim Settings Help Article. If the Unapplied Copay and Claim DOS match and the claim has an available copay balance the system will enable this option.