A/R Aging

Best used to: Quickly find your aging charges and understand who is responsible for it.

Designed for: Collections

Filters: By Date of Service, By Entered Date, All Charges, Exclude Charges at Collection, Show Amount Over 90 Days, Show Amount Over 120 Days.

Drill Down
: Not Applicable.

Details: As your outstanding charges increase in age, the ability to locate and collect on balances becomes critically important. Similar to the A/R Aging Summary report, the A/R Aging gadget will summarize who is responsible for outstanding charges at various age ranges and provide the total amount that is outstanding at any given time.

Any charges entered or updated will not be reflected in the A/R calculation until the next day.

Drill Through: This report includes a direct connection to the Charge Aging Report.


  • Does not include charges set to the status of Deleted or Incomplete.

  • Does not include charges set to the status of Paid.