Phase 2 Training Actions/Homework

Action 1. Enable and configure your included services in preparation of Patient & Claim setup. These settings will be applied when creating or managing patients, claims and appointments. Be sure to log into Services in Account Administration to locate the features included in your plan or consider add-ons

Action 2. Begin adding your Patients in preparation of creating claims and appointments. Want to skip data entry? Talk to your Implementation Specialist regarding importing Patient using an Interface or Data Conversion

Action 3. Begin adding your claims for patients to begin billing claims and understand CMD Best Practices. During Phase 3 we will discuss batch options and how to track claims

Action 4. Maximize the use of your CMD using our scheduler for appointments. If using an EMR/EHR Interface, CMD may be able to automatically create your appointments to remain in sync with your EMR/EHR

Action 5. Monitor the success of your CMD Interface Integration by reviewing Interface Messages in the form of patient, appointments and claims.

In order to successfully complete Phase 2 of your training and move into Phase 3, you must complete all of your assignments indicated above. During Phase 3 you will learn how to track LIVE claims, address rejections and payer denials as well as determine claim follow-up best practices for your business using the application.