Manual Import FAQs

Why can't I see the Import section under Interface?

In order to have the option available, it must first be activated within the Interface Settings section. 

What are the file requirements to import a file?

Only files in HL7 or ANSI (837) file formats are supported.

Are there any fees associated with manually importing files?

No, there are no additional fees associated with manually importing files from an EMR/EHR or an 837 file. 

What should I do after I import the files?

Once files have been uploaded, work any errors or warnings within interface tracker.

Why is my file not being processed?

If the HL7 file doesn’t contain an MSH, FHS, or BHS as the header of the file, it will not be processed.

How do I know if files were imported or not?

You can see any files that are in progress, imported, or errors at the bottom left of the screen.