Phase 1 Introduction

Phase 1 provides an overview of the CMD application followed by training in the Customer Setup and Account Administration sections. If an interface integration is associated with your account, the integration will be performed in this phase.  

The Training for this phase is divided into two (2) parts, if needed separate training sessions can be conducted as denoted below.   

Part 1 is an extended overview of the CMD application, how to properly navigate the application, use of the home items, user bar and then using the Customer Setup section to properly set up their account. There is also a Customer Checklist found on the home screen with all new customer accounts that will keep you on track as well. It is recommended prior to the Phase 1 training call the Customer Setup is completed by the trainee; Phase 1 homework focus items to be completed are Practice, Provider, *Payers, *Payer agreements, *Procedure codes, *Diagnosis codes. If an *interface is associated with the account, training will be provided on how to integrate, configure and maintain the interface.

Part 2 is going over Account Management, managing the Customer Management, adding of users and their permissions in User Management, accessing your invoices and payments in the Invoices section and using the Locks/Sessions.