Electronic Statements FAQs

Why can't I turn on automated statements?

You must have the payment portal feature enabled to have the ability to enable Electronic Statements within the Statement Automation Settings.

Can I turn off the In-App payment processing and keep electronic statements?

No. If the Payment Portal or In-App Payment Processing services are disabled and any practices for that customer have electronic statements enabled, the system will warn the user that electronic statements will be turned off when the service is disabled.

What is the total number of characters allowed on an electronic statement text template?

The maximum number of characters for any SMS Text statement template will be 160 characters.

Why is my electronic statement template not saving, it is saying I'm missing a payment link?

For all electronic statement templates (emailed or text), if the [Payment Link] replacement field is not present, the user will be shown a warning when saving, and will not be allowed to save.  Right-click in the message field and add the link from the options.

Will I lose my template setting if I enable or disable statement automation?

No - Once a template option is configured and saved, the settings are stored in your account.

How do I remove the Payment Portal option displayed within the template?

The Payment Portal payment method is only displayed if you have activated the Integrated Payment Processing feature.

What time zones are available within the configuration when choosing a time to send out an electronic statement?

These are the available time zones to choose from within the electronic statement configuration:

Eastern: America/New York
Central: America/Chicago
Mountain (Except Arizona): America/Denver
Mountain (Arizona): America/Phoenix
Pacific: America/Los Angeles
Alaska: America/Anchorage
Hawaii-Aleutian: Pacific/Honolulu
Atlantic: America/Puerto Rico

Note: Mountain (Except Arizona) observes DST, but Arizona doesn't observe DST (they stay in Standard time), so they have different time zones.