Release 14.1.0 - January 29, 2024

New Features and Updates


Report Builder

  • New Warning Indicator When a Report Field is Added Multiple Times:  A new indicator has been added to the report builder that shows a warning when the same field is added multiple times. This update introduces an icon next to the field within the column list, accompanied by a tooltip indicating that the field is already in the report. Additionally, we have included a new Report Setting titled "Show an indicator when duplicate columns are present in the Report Builder," which can be toggled on or off.  Please visit our Help Article for more information on toggling this setting.


  • New Option for Blocks and Block Templates to Allow/Prevent Overbooking:  A new option has been added to Scheduler Blocks and Block Templates that enables or disables the ability to schedule multiple appointments at the same time (overbooking) during a specified block. When this option is set to block overbooking, it will prevent users from scheduling appointments during that block even if their scheduler settings are configured to allow overbooking. Visit our Help Article for more information on adding a block template.


  • New Option to Batch Import 837 Files:  We have added the ability to manually batch-import claims into the application by loading 837 files directly from the Interface > Import section, similar to the HL7 import. This feature enables users to search for claim messages via the interface tracker after the ANSI (837) import and locate their claims within Status Control after a successful import for review and submission. Visit our Help Article for more information on importing ANSI (837) Files.


  • New Invoice Print Option:  We have added the ability to print either a detailed or summarized invoice from the Invoice History screen. Users can now print a summary PDF, similar to what is emailed to them, directly from the right-click menu. The Print option at the top of the Invoice Details screen will continue to print the detailed version of the invoice.