Terminate a User Session

In the event a user's current session needs to be terminated, you can kill their session so the next action they attempt to perform in the application (e.g., opening a patient, running a report, etc.) will be timed out.

Terminating a user's session does not prevent them from logging back into CollaborateMD. When the warning message is received, the user they can simply re-enter their password to log back in. The only exception is if their username was set to deleted or suspended prior to terminating their session.

Follow the steps below to Kill a User Session.

  1. Select Account Administration > Sessions.

  2. Enter your search criteria and click Search.

  3. On the left-hand side of the screen, check the box on the line(s) that contains the session(s) you wish to terminate. 

  4. Click the  button.

  5. Click Yes when the “Are you sure you would like to kill the following sessions?" pop-up displays.