Add a Patient to the Appointment Waiting List

  1. Select Appointments > Manage Waiting List.

  2. Click the  button. 

  3. Use the  icon to locate an existing patient.

  4. Use the Appt Type drop-down menu to select the type for this appointment.

  5. Optional: Should this request take priority over other requests?  If so, place a check in the Request is urgent box.

  6. Use the Available Dates drop-down menu to select a range or date for the request.

  7. Use the Available Days drop-down menu to select the day(s) of the week for the request.

  8. Use the Available Time drop-down menu to select a time preference (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Custom) or select Any.

  9. Use the Resource drop-down menu to select the resource this appointment should be assigned to (multiple resources can be associated with one waiting list entry).

  10. Use the Facility drop-down menu to select the facility for this request.

  11. Use the Office Location drop-down menu to select the office location for this request.

  12. Add any comments that pertain to the request.

  13. Click Save.