Add a New Paper Payer

These payers will be saved with a paper CPID. All paper CPID's are blank. Payers that have a blank CPID must be printed and mailed by your office or printed and mailed by the clearinghouse.

Follow the steps below to add a new paper payer.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Payers.

  2. Click the New Payer button. 

  3. Enter the Payer Name.

  4. Optional: Add the Plan Name.

    This information does not appear on the claim.

  5. The Payer Type is auto-selected based on the Payer you choose in the Master Payer Search. Changes should only be made to the Payer Type drop-down menu if you've been advised by the payer to do so.

  6. The Default Billing Status is auto-selected as "new charges created" for this payer. You can manually change the status of the charges here or during claim creation.

  7. Use the Clearinghouse Processing Mode drop-down menu to tell the server how to process the claim after it's been created.

    1. The clearinghouse will print and mail the claims: Select this option to have the clearinghouse print and mail the claim to the payer for a fee.  

      Not all payers accept paper claims (i.e., Medicare and payers with a South Carolina address). In the event a payer does not accept paper claims the claim will be rejected by the clearinghouse with the following rejection reason, "64 INVALID CARRIER DIRECT CPID 4301". 

    2. Do not send claims to the clearinghouse for processing: Select this option to NOT have the clearinghouse process claims electronically or on paper.  In the event this option is selected please be sure you are properly dis-positioning the necessary claims to their appropriate statuses.

  8. The Sequenceis auto populated by CollaborateMD once the payer is saved.

  9. The Reference# can be created by you to further identify the payer.

  10. Enter the Contact Information used to mail any claim(s) for this payer. 

  11. Enter any applicable ID Numbers for the payer.

  12. Optional: You can override the practice info on the claim by placing a check in the "Use alternate practice info" box.

    1. Enter the practice info you would like to have populated on the claim.

      Ensure the Bill Mode set for the billing provider is set to "Group" under the Provider section or the Provider tab of the Billing Options.  

  13. Click Save.