Add Diagnosis and CPT codes to a Professional Claim

Follow the steps below to add Diagnosis and CPT codes to a professional claim.

  1. Select Claim > Claim.

  2. Use the Search field to search for your claim. 

    Check the “Show exact matches only” box to search for exact matches or “Show unpaid claims only” to show claims that may need follow-up.

  1. Open the claim.

  2. Click the Charges tab.

  3. Enter at least one Diagnosis code in ICD A field. Or search for a diagnosis code from your list by clicking the icon.

    Need to make another Diagnosis code the primary (first)?  Right-click any of the ICD codes and select “Set as primary diagnosis.” to update it on the claim.

  4. You’re also able to interact with the ICD codes by right-clicking on it.

    1. Set as Primary Diagnosis: Moves the selected code into the ICD A field as the primary diagnosis.

    2. Add Missing Code From Master List: Allows you to add an ICD code (entered manually or through an interface) not currently on your local list from the master list without having to close the claim.

    3. Copy: Copies the selected code to your clipboard.

    4. Cut: Copies the selected code to your clipboard and removes it from the field.

  5. Enter the charge information (e.g., Date of Service, CPT, POS, TOS, Modifiers, Unit Price, DX Pointers, Unit Price, and Units).

    Copy a charge row by Right-Clicking on the charge line and selecting “Copy Charge.” This will duplicate your line charge information including codes, modifiers, drug info, price, etc. 

  6. Use the Status drop-down menu to choose from one of the statuses by referencing the status descriptions below.

  7. Click the Other hyperlink to enter additional information related to the claim, such as service information (e.g., drug information, measurements, DME (CMN) forms, and chiropractic information). 

  1. Click Save.