Release 13.0.0 - January 25, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • New Estimates Feature: Added a new patient "Estimates" feature to the application. This feature allows you to easily create accurate Good Faith Estimates from an Appointment or a Claim as required by the No Surprises Act.  Providers and billers can now create estimates of patient responsibility at the time of service for uninsured, self-pay patients, or high deductibles and copays.  Estimates can be created based on a patient's copay or using the Auto Estimate feature, which generates an estimate based on plan details from the patient's insurance carrier's Eligibility system.  Once an estimate is created, users can print the estimate, send a statement, collect payments in the patient payment portal, create payment plans for the estimate, and much more.

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes


  • Manage Account Right-Click shortcut: Added new right-click options within Manage Account that allow users to open a claim or insurance payment from within the transactions listing table.