View Claim Summary

Follow the steps below to view a summary of the claim. 

  1. Select Claim > Claim.

  2. Use the Search field to search for your claim. 

    Place a check in the “Show exact matches only” box to search for exact matches or “Show unpaid claims only” to show claims that may need follow-up.

  1. Open the claim.

  2. Click the Claim Summary tab from the side panel.

  3. Review the claim information.

    1. Patient: Displays the patient's name,  account number, and reference number (when applicable). 

    2. DOB: Displays the patient's date of birth, age, and gender.

    3. Form Version: Displays the claim version (CMS-1500 or CMS-1450 (UB04)).

    4. Total Amount: Displays the total billed amount for the procedure codes included on this claim.

    5. Ins Payments: Displays any payment(s) a payer has paid towards this claim.

    6. Pat Payments: Displays any payment(s) the patient has paid towards the claim (e.g., a copay).

    7. Adjustments: Displays any adjustments the payer has made towards this claim.

    8. Balance: Displays any open balance remaining after insurance and/or patient payments have been applied towards this claim.

    9. Patient Credits: Displays any credit amount available on the patient’s account.

    10. Patient Follow Up Date: Enter a patient follow-up date.

    11. Patient Recall Date: Enter a patient recall date.

    12. Date of Service: Displays the date of the service(s) based on the claim’s procedure codes.

    13. Date Entered: Displays the date this claim was created.

    14. Last Billed Date: Displays the last date this claim was submitted to a payer.

    15. Last Statement Date: Displays the last date a statement was sent for this claim.

    16. Follow Up Date: Enter a follow up date for this claim. Claims with follow updates can be tracked within the Follow Up Management screen.

      The Follow up date can be automatically populated on a claim based on the payer the claim was billed to. For more information on defaulting follow up dates per payer reference the General Billing Options Help Article.

    17. Copay Remaining: Displays the unpaid copay balance for the claim.

  4. Click Save.