Accounting FAQs

When do you start billing for my CollaborateMD account?

Billing begins as soon as the New Account Wizard is completed. Your first invoice will be pro-rated from the date your complete the New Account Process completion to the end of the month.

Are we signed into a long-term commitment?

Not at all - Payment is made on a month-to-month basis. Therefore, you have the freedom to stay with us each month because we are meeting your needs, not because you are bound by a contract. Please keep in mind that we bill in arrears. For example, the monthly invoice generated on March 1st is for transactions that occurred during the month of February.

Is there a minimum fee?

Yes - There is a monthly minimum based on the Price Plan selected. If the transactions which occurred during the month do not meet the monthly minimum, a fee will be assessed to bridge the gap. Please review our Pricing page to learn more about your account's monthly minimum.

How is the monthly bill calculated?

The account is assessed a provider fee for each active provider. Provider fees are calculated based on the rendering/attending provider field when creating a claim in our system. There is always one (1) Full Provider Fee per customer account. Any additional rendering/attending provider(s) under the customer account will be charged based on the Volume Discount pricing. Any additional features, such as Patient Statements, Address Verification, etc., will incur additional costs based on the feature(s) used. See our General Pricing page for a list of available features. 

  • Medical Practice Account: Use of any features not included in the chosen Price Plan will cause the account to be charged at the rate of the Price Plan in which those features are included. For example, if the chosen plan is Plan 1, but during the month of March a Plan 2 feature is used (such as enrolling and receiving ERAs from a payer) then the account will be charged on Plan 2 pricing for March. If during April, then Plan 2 feature is not used, the account will be charged Plan 1 pricing. You can add certain products a la carte and pay a per transaction fee. We recommend reaching out to your Sales Representative to receive a proper quote based on your business needs. 
  • Billing Service / Lab Account: The account will be charged on a per transaction basis. See our Billing Service / Lab Pricing page for details on transaction pricing.

Are we charged for claims that are rejected at the Clearinghouse?

No. CollaborateMD does not invoice for claims that are rejected at the Clearinghouse. Only claims that have been accepted at the Clearinghouse will reflect on the monthly invoice.

What is the Volume Discount Pricing?

You can find our volume discount pricing at the bottom of our Pricing page

When will I receive my invoice?

Monthly invoices are generated on the first of each month and sent via email and/or CMD messaging. All accounts are billed in arrears, so the invoices generated on the first of the month are for the previous month's transactions. For example, the invoice generated on April 1st is for transactions that occurred during the month of March. 

How can I view a more detailed Monthly Invoice?

Detailed Monthly Invoices can be viewed within CollaborateMD. Any user with the Bill Payment permission or the Monthly Invoice permission can access this information.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all four major credit card and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), as well as ACH check payments made within the CollaborateMD application. We do not accept payments via physical check.

I'm trying to inactivate a Payment Profile but the box is grayed out. Why?

CollaborateMD requires there to be at least one active payment profile at all times. The system will prevent you from inactivating a payment profile if there's only one available. You will first need to add a new profile, then inactivate the existing one.

How can I see all the payments I've made this year?

Find Invoice Payments in the Invoice section of CollaborateMD. To ensure you see all payments made within a specific time frame, make sure you set the Date Range to "All".