Release 13.2.1 - March 06, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • Add CPT Codes not in your Local List Automatically from a Claim:  Added a new Update to the application so that when saving a Claim that has a CPT code that isn't in your local list, CollaborateMD will now offer to automatically copy that code from the CPT Master List. This eliminates any additional steps involved in manually adding the code to your personal list. The codes contained in the Master List are managed by the American Medical Association (AMA) so you can be confident that the codes will be imported correctly.         

    This applies when new claims are entered manually and when a new claim is created from any Interface (WebAPI, PracticeFusion, etc.), CollaborateMD can now automatically add any CPT codes from the master list that aren't already in your local list.

User Profile

  • Added New Password Requirements:  Added new password requirements as part of our efforts to continuously improve our security and keep your patients' data safe. Our password requirements have been updated to require that users meet all four of the following complexity rules the next time they change their password: 
    •    At least 1 uppercase character (A-Z) 
    •    At least 1 lowercase character (a-z) 
    •    At least 1 digit (0-9) 
    •    At least 1 special character (punctuation, symbol, or space)