To-Do List Gadget

Best used to: Stay on top of action items such as outstanding claims, unapplied ERAs and statements that are relevant to your role in CollaborateMD.

Designed for: Billers & Payment Posters

Filters: N/A

Drill Down: N/A

Details: Managing your account by jumping from section to section can be time-consuming and distracting. The To-Do List gadget will help keep even the busiest billers and payment posters on track by providing a real-time, summarized list of action items, catered to your role in CollaborateMD.

Drill Through: Click on the title to be brought to the screen/section to complete the action.


  • The below items only display data for the last thirty (30) days:

    • Unapplied ERAs

    • Unresolved claim rejections

    • Unresolved interface errors

    • Unresolved statement errors

    • Claim follow-ups

  • All drill-through capabilities require permission(s) to the corresponding section(s) of the application.