Debit Account

A Debit Account Batch Action is a convenient way to add fees or surcharges to multiple patients at a group level.

For example; this option can be used to add a late fee to patients that have outstanding balances that are over 60 days old. Using the Debit Account option, you can easily apply the late fee to a group of patients that meet the specified criteria at once.

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Debit/Credit permission can apply debit codes with in the A/R screen.

  1. Select Patient > A/R Control.

  2. Enter your Search Criteria or Load a Search Filter.

  3. Click the Charge Status drop-down menu and select your status and filters.

  4. Click.
  5. The search results page will display patients who match your search terms.

  6. Place a checkmark next to the patient(s) you want to include in a specific batch action.

  7. Click and select Debit Account.

  8. Select the Debit Code using the search field. 

  9. Enter the debit amount.

  10. Select the Provider using the search field.
  11. Optional: Populate the Received Date field for the debit. 

  12. Optional: Choose an Office Location from the drop-down menu.

  13. Click Done.