Add a new Label

Follow the steps below to create a label.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Labels.

  2. Click the New Label button. 

  3. Type the label name in the Name field.

  4. Use the Label Type drop-down menu to select the label type.

    To create a label with a custom date, select either the Patient or Scheduler Label Type and select the Custom Date field in the applicable column.

  5. Click the Add Field link from the Field Configuration table to select the fields to add to the label columns.

    1. Place a check in the box next to the field, then click Add.

  6. Field Options: 

    1. Change the order of the rows by selecting (highlighting) the desired row and using the  and arrow icons to move the field up or down on the list.

    2. To remove a field, select it and click the icon

  7. Optional: Add up to three (3) columns by clicking the Add Column button and add the fields.

  1. In the Printer Configuration table, choose the Printer Type that matches your label printer model, and select the Label Size, Font, and Column Spacing. 

  2. Click the Preview button to see what your label will look like or print out a test label.

  3. Click Save.