Global Keyboard Shortcuts

For Safari (Mac OS) replace any command using the  key with the  key and any command using the  key replace with the  key.

The following keyboard shortcuts apply throughout the application without the need to activate Go To Mode:

 Shortcut Key Section of CollaborateMD

 Shows the keyboard shortcuts list

 Save or Apply the current changes

 Close the current screen/dialog or Cancel the current changes

 Print the current page or open the printing options for the current screen

 Create or Add a new item (based on your current screen)

 Expand or Collapse the navigation bar on the left side

 Expand or Collapse the side panel on the right side (when present)

 Activates the on-screen Search button (when present)

 Activate Go To Mode for keyboard navigation


 Move focus to the next element

 Move focus to the previous element

 Increase text size

 Decrease text size

 While navigating a Table, use the Up or Down arrows to change rows and the spacebar to select or deselect check-boxes.