Import ANSI (837) Files

 Interface Import allows users to import claims by loading 837 files into CollaborateMD as interface messages.    

Who can import files?

Users with the Import permission.

The File Import feature is turned off by default and must be enabled for the field to be visible.  Activating the File Import option must be done by an Admin/Auth Rep with the import permission.  Please visit our Enable Import Help Article for more information on enabling this feature.

  1. Select Interface > Import.
  2. Select ANSI (837) from the dropdown.

  3. Click the Import button.  

    Need to upload multiple 837 files? You can save time by selecting multiple ANSI files to upload at the same time instead of one by one. 

  4. Locate the file(s) you want to import from your computer.

  5. Select the Files.


    Once files have been selected, the system will upload each ANSI file and process them as interface messages. Any errors or warnings will be available within Interface Tracker.  For more information on retrieving and troubleshooting messages in interface tracker, visit our Interface Tracker Help Articles.

    When the import is complete, you can run a search in Interface Tracker showing the messages (claims) that were just imported.  Upon successful import, the Claim’s Status will be Waiting for Review.

    For more information visit our Manual Import FAQs.