Search for Payments

Follow the steps below to search for previously posted patient or insurance payments.

  1. Select Payment > Payment Tracker.

  2. Enter your desired Search Criteria or Load a Search Filter. 

    1. Use the checkboxes to include Patient and/or Insurance Payments in the search.

    2. Use the Patient field to select a specific patient to return in the search.

    3. Use the Payer field to select a specific payer to return in the search.

    4. Enter the dates of when the payment was received or when the payment was entered in the Payment Tracking Date Range box.

    5. Use the Collection Agency drop-down field to search for patient payments applied towards a charge at collection.

    6. Populate the check # of the payment into the Check # field.

      1. Check the Exact matches only box to only return exact matches in the search results.

    7. Enter the claim # the payment was applied to in the Applied to Claim # field.

    8. Use the Payment Plan field to search for patient payment plans the payment was applied towards.

  3. Click the Search button.

  4. Optional: Click the filtericon to edit your search criteria.

    Sort your search results. Visit our Reorder Table Columns Help Article for detailed steps on how to hide, rearrange or add header columns.

  5. Use the Filter payment data by name search box to search through your returned list.

  6. Place the check in the Expand All box to see all of the search results.

  7. You are able to interact with the search results by right clicking on a row.

    1. Copy: Copies the selected information to your clipboard.

    2. Open Patient: Opens the selected patients record within the patient screen.

    3. Open Payer: Opens the payer associated with the selected payment.

    4. Open Insurance Check: Opens the insurance check associated with the selected payment .

    5. Open Payment Plan: Opens the selected patient’s payment plan.

    6. Open Claim: Opens the claim associated with this payment.

  8. Click Close to exit.