Print or export a report

Reports are able to be printed and exported right out of CollaborateMD. This is helpful if you need to upload this information into another program you might use (e.g., QuickBooks, EHR/EMR). 

Follow the steps below to print or export a report. 

  1. Select Reports > Viewer.

  2. Find, then Run your report. 

    Review our Running Reports Help Article for more information.

  3. Click the Print/Export button.

  4. Select one of the following options:

    1. Print: Prints the selected report based on your settings:

      1. Orientation: Select the orientation this report should print, Portrait or Landscape.

      2. Page Margins: Select the margins this report should print.

      3. Report Header: Select which pages should contain the report header.

      4. Print Description: Place a checkmark in this box to include the report description in the pint out.

      5. Hide group details: Place a check-mark in this box to exclude any columns within a group.

      6. Print groups vertically: Place a checkmark in this box to arrange the grouped columns above the rest of the results in order to reduce the overall horizontal space used for the printout.

      7. Under Column Selection, select what columns to include or exclude.

      8. Optional: Place a check-mark in the Save settings for this report” box to remember for the next time you print this report.

      9. Click Print.

    2. Export as Text: Exports the selected report as a .txt file. 

    3. Export as CSV: Exports the selected report as a .csv file.

    4. Export as Excel: Exports the selected report as a .xlsx file. You have the option to Include report headers in this export.