ePS Claim Attachments FAQs

Is an agreement required for each attachment payer?

Yes, any agreements required by the payer are still applicable. For more information please visit our New Payer Agreement Help Article.

Can I use the claim attachment feature without turning on Cloud Document Imaging?

You must enable the Cloud Document Imaging feature in order to use electronic claim attachments.

DO I have to manually upload the attachment file to the document section again after uploading it to the claim?

No, uploading a file to the claim will also upload the file to the customer's Documents section and link the file to the claim.

Can attachment claims be dropped to paper? If so, what's the cost?

Claim delivery is based on the payer's billing requirements. The Claim Type will be denoted within Claim Tracker when tracking the status of submitted claims. 

If we can't find a payer on the master payer list, should we fill out the same new payer connection request form?

No, simply contact our support team so we can contact EDI to see if a connection can be established. Support will need the payer name, payer ID and payer address in order to research with EDI.

How Many attachments can be included on a claim?

The price for a claim attachment includes up to 9 attachments per claim.

Why can't I see the electronic claim attachment options on the clearinghouse connection side panel for my payer?

The Clearinghouse Connection tab in the Payer screen will show if the payer supports electronic claim attachments only if the customer is transitioning to or on the ePS clearinghouse.