Release 13.11.0 - July 10, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • A/R Aging with Amount Over 90 Days Old:  The A/R Aging dashboard gadget has been updated to include a new metric: Amount Over 90 Days, which shows the amount and percentage of your A/R that is over 90 days old. You can alternatively report the amount over 120 days if you prefer that metric.

The percentage of A/R that is over 90 days old is an important metric of your practice's performance. Typically, less than around 22% of your A/R should be over 90 days old. If the percentage over 90 days is more than 22%, there may be opportunities for improvement by taking advantage of Eligibility to reduce insurance delays, Electronic Statements and Prompt Payment Discounts to help your patients pay faster, and A/R Control to write off bad debt.

Please Note: To ensure that all users have access to this valuable information, the data for A/R Aging is updated once per day. Changes made during the day will not reflect on this gadget until the next day.