Find Payment Transactions

Follow the steps below to search for transactions.

  1. Select Patient > Manage Account.

  2. Use the Search field to search through your patients or insured. 

    Check the “Include inactive patients” box to include inactive patients in your search results.

  1. Select the Patient.

  2. Optional: Filter the patient’s transactions by clicking on the Options button and entering your search criteria or loading a filter.

    1. The Show checkboxes determine what types of transactions should be shown. ( Payments & Credits, Debits, or Activity) 

    2. The Transaction Date Range can be used to filter which transactions are shown based on the date. 

    3. The Charge Filter options are used to filter which transactions are shown based on the claims they are associated with. 

    4. Use the 2 Checkboxes to show dependent or deleted transactions

    5. Click Apply.

  3. Transactions will appear in the box under Transaction Listing.

    Sort your search results. Visit our Reorder Table Columns Help Article for detailed steps on how to hide, rearrange or add header columns.

    1. Transactions will be grouped together by DOS > Procedure Code > Payment and can be expanded by clicking the arrow.

  4. Account credits will appear under Account Credit Listing - credits will be grouped by Credits Due Insurance & Credits Due Patient.

Want to maximize the use of your screen space? Collapse or un-collapse the Transaction Listing or Account Credit Listing windows by clicking theicon.

You can open the patient for viewing or editing purposes by clicking the patient  Shortcut button.