Post an Interest Payment

Based on your office’s SOPs and Workflows, you are able to apply interest to any balance and apply a patient payment towards that interest within CMD. In order to post an interest payment you will need to create a Debit code, and apply that code to the patient within the Manage Account screen prior to posting the payment. Follow the steps below to post an interest payment.  If you have already completed Step 1, please move forward with Steps 2 and 3.

  1. Create a Debit Adjustment code.

    An example of this type code could be "INTCHRG" for interest charge.

  2. Within Manage Account, post the debit towards the Patient, or towards a Procedure Code.

  3. Post the Patient Payment Manually towards the debit code or procedure code.

  4. Ensure to click the Options button, then select Show Debits.