Create a Task

  1. Select Home > Tasks.

  2. Click the New Task button. 

  3. Enter the task name in the Task Title field.

  4. Add the task’s Due Date, Status, and Priority.

  5. Write in the Description of the task.

  6. If applicable, click  the Add Link to link the task to an action.

  7. Select the user who the task will be assigned to from the Assign this Task To drop-down.

  1. Click Save.

Task Field Descriptions

  • Due Date: Indicates the date when the task is due.

  • Status: Indicates  the status of a task; for example, “not started” or “completed.” 

  • Priority: Indicates the urgency of the task; for example, low, medium, or high. 

  • Description: Contains a description of the task. There is a 1,000 character limit and users can spell-check their content with spell checker. 

  • Task Links: This is an optional field that indicates the record that the task is related to. Tasks can be linked to a patient, claim, practice, provider, facility, payer, report, message, or customer.

  • Task Priorities

    • Low: blue down arrow.
    • Medium: Yellow side arrow.
    • High: Red upwards arrow.
  • Assign this task to: By default a new task defaults to the user creating the task. Click the drop-down menu to select a user to assign the task to. Note: If associated with a Billing Service, a list of customers will be displayed. Use the scroll bar to find the customer you want to assign the task to.