Create a Task

  1. Select Home > Tasks.

  2. Click the New Task button. 

  3. Enter the task name in the Task Title field.

  4. Add the task’s Due Date, Status, and Priority.

    • Low: blue down arrow.
    • Medium: Yellow side arrow.
    • High: Red upwards arrow.
  5. Write in the Description of the task.

  6. Optional: Click  the Add Link to link the task to an action. Tasks can be linked to a patient, claim, practice, provider, facility, payer, report, message, or customer.

  7. Select the user who the task will be assigned to from the Assign this Task To drop-down.

    If associated with a Billing Service, a list of customers will be displayed. Use the scroll bar to find the customer you want to assign the task to.

  1. Click Save.