Phase 5 Recommended Reports

Suggested reports to run on a daily basis:

You can right-click on a report and save it to your Favorites.

AR Management Reports:

  • A/R Aging Summary
  • Activity Summary
  • Payer Mix by Charge Amount (Total charges and debits for each Payer Type)
  • Payer Mix by Paid Amount (Total revenue for each Payer Type)


AR Reports:

  • Charges at Collection
  • Charges Due Insurance - by Aging Range (Outstanding Insurances)
  • Charges Due Insurance - by Date Range (Outstanding Insurances)
  • Charges Due Patient - by Date Range (Outstanding Patients)
  • Electronic Remittance Advice Reports (if applicable) 
  • Adjustment Reasons
  • Denials
  • Unpaid Reasons


Claim Reports:

  • Charge Overview by Date Range
  • Claims On Hold Report
  • Claims Waiting to be Printed by User (If you print claims)
  • Claims Waiting to be Sent to the Clearinghouse
  • Claims Rejected at the Clearinghouse
  • Incomplete Claims Report


Daily/Monthly Reports:

  • Claims Billed Report
  • Claims Entered Report
  • Daily Deposit Report (All payments posted)
  • Daily/Monthly Charges and Debits
  • Daily/Monthly Insurance Payments/Adjustments
  • Daily/Monthly Patient Payments/Adjustments


Management Reports:

  • User Audit Report


Patient Reports:

  • Incomplete Patients Report
  • Patients at Collection (Use to send to Collection Agency)
  • Patient Listing by Balance
  • Patients with Account Credits
  • Patient Reports On Statements:
    • Patient Statements Turned Off
    • Patient with Statements Printed X Times
    • Statements Printed in a Date Range

Although these reports are some of the reports suggested to run daily, there are several other reports to look through and run as often as you need. There are many other reports that may be beneficial to you in your office. You can reference the Reports Reference Guide for descriptions of each standard report available within CollaborateMD.