Release 13.22.0 - December 18, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • New Option to Select a Different Rendering Provider on a Charge:  Added a new Rendering Provider dropdown field under Claim → Charges → Other Info → Service Information. This option will allow users to send a different Rendering provider for each charge (Box 24J / Loop 2420A).  This field will make it possible to send a different Rendering provider for each charge individual charge.  Please visit our Help Article for more information.

Claim Tracker

  • New Claim Tracker Status Type:  We added a new Tracking Status Type for “Unprocessed” within Claim Tracker. When selected, claims with a status of unprocessed (claims not acknowledged by the clearinghouse) will be shown in the tracking results. For more information on tracking statuses visit our Help Article.    


  • New Payer Billing Option to Print Supervising Provider in Box 31:  We added a new Payer billing option under Payer → Billing Options → General → Professional section that will print the Supervising Provider in Box 31. This will allow customers sending Medicare claims to be able to include the Supervising Provider’s Name and credentials in Box 31.  For more information on setting up this billing option, visit our Help Article.