Manage In-Application Credit Card Processing

CollaborateMD ensures hassle-free credit card processing that will easily reduce follow up on co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance balances, which translates into improved A/R. By processing your patient’s credit card payments within CollaborateMD, you will increase business efficiency and accuracy. As well as saving you a ton of time, helping you work less and paid faster!

Enable In-Application Credit Card Processing 

If you're the Auth Rep, follow the steps below to enable, configure or disable In-Application Credit Card Processing:

  1. Select Account Administration > Services.

  2. Click the button next to In-Application Credit Card Processing.

  3. The Enable In-Application Credit Card Processing box enables or disables this service.

  4. Click the Add New button.

    For practices with more than one location, a merchant account must be added for each location and/or each tax ID. Repeat the steps for each location/tax ID listed in your Merchant’s Accounts box.

  5. Type the name to associate with the new merchant account.

  6. Click Request.

  7. Click Save.

Get ready! A Global Payments Integrated (GPI)® Representative will call you within 2 business days to proceed with your new merchant account. Your GPI® Rep will only attempt 3 calls to get you all the information you need, so be ready! If you have not heard from your GPI® Rep after 1-2 business days please reach out to them via the provided contact info.

Upon a CollaborateMD representative receiving the credentials from GPI®, we will complete the configuration of each requested product. The request will now display as "Active" and your In-App Credit Card Processing feature will be ready for use. Visit the Getting Started with CMD & OpenEdge Help Page for more information on how to begin using this feature.

Disable In-Application Credit Card Processing 

Proceeding with this change will disable the applicable Integrated Payment Processing service. The customer’s account will no longer be allowed to process credit card service payments through the merchant account integration within CollaborateMD. 

  1. Select Account Administration > Services.

  2. Click the button next to In-Application Credit Card Processing.

    1. Place a check in the Set as Inactive checkbox by the name of the account you wish to inactivate.

    2. If disabling your entire account, uncheck the Enable In-Application Credit Card Processing box.

  3. Click Save.

Important: You must contact GPI® to inactivate your account completely. Deactivating the CollaborateMD integration does NOT close your merchant account with GPI®