Creating Unapplied Copays from the Scheduler

Does your workflow have you collecting co-payments at the time the patient checks-in to their appointment? If so, you can create the unapplied copay credit from the scheduler and then apply it at a later date. 

  1. Select Appointments > Scheduler.

  2. Locate and Edit the appointment

  3. Click Payment next to the Patient tab from within the appointment.

  4. Enter the Payment Amount.

  5. Add the Received/Check Date.

  6. Optional: Add the Check #.

  7. Set the Type to Copay.

  8. Enter in the Copay Date of Service for the claim.

    The DOS entered must match the claim DOS in order to apply the credit later. Save yourself some time and default this field to the Received/Check Date by enabling the “Automatically copy the received or appointment date to the copay date of service?” option in the Payment Settings Screen.

  9. Select the Payment Source.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Verify the credit information, then click Save.