Missing or late ERA?

In the event you haven't received a remittance check, verify if the payer requires an agreement to receive ERAs and that you have an authorized agreement on file. Once you have verified that your agreement is on file, and you still are not receiving any ERA's. Please contact a Customer Success Specialist so we can contact the Clearinghouse to locate the ERA. ERA's are not considered late until 4 business days have passed from the deposit/payment received date. 

When reporting missing checks, please provide a CollaborateMD Customer Success Specialist with the following information:

  • Check # or EFT#

  • EFT/Check Date

  • EFT/Check Amount

  • NPI #

  • Tax ID #

  • PTAN or Provider ID# (if applicable)

  • Payer ID

  • Payer Name

  • Copy of EOB

  • Submitter# (if you have more than one customer/provider that has different submitter numbers)