Viewing a Provider Level Adjustment on an ERA

Provider Level Adjustments are additional amounts added to or withheld from payments, including interest, other fees, or recoupments. Previously these amounts would show as Unapplied Amounts on ERAs and insurance checks. Now these amounts will show under a separate total and will be reportable as separate positive or negative deposits on some reports.

  1. Select Payment > ERA.

  2. Enter your Search Criteria.

  3. Click the Search button.

  4. Optional: Click the icon to edit your search criteria.

    Sort your search results. Visit our Reorder Table Columns Help Article for detailed steps on how to hide, rearrange or add header columns.

  5. Optional: You are also able to interact with an ERA by right-clicking in the row.

    1. Copy: Copy the selected row’s information to your clipboard.

    2. Start/Continue Review: Start or continue reviewing the ERA to apply the payment. Override Check Date: Override the check date. 

    3. View EOB: View the EOB associated with the selected ERA. 

  6. Select an ERA from the list or by using the Find in Table field. 

  7. Click Start/Continue Review.

  8. View the details of the payment.

  9. Any Provider Level Adjustments will be available in the Provider Adjustments field.


  10. Click the Show Details link to view the provider adjustment details or associate the adjustment with a claim. 

    Need to associate a provider adjustment with a claim(s). Visit our Associating Claims to Provider Level Adjustments Help Article for detailed steps on how to link/unlink them.

    You can remove or add a Provider Level Adjustment by clicking the Provider Adjustments "Show Details" link. 

  11. You are able to click on a row to view a more detailed page on the charges for that specific claim.

  12. If necessary Resolve any Errors or Warnings by clicking on the icon in the status column. Please reference our Errors, Warnings, Informational Messages & Alerts Help Article to learn more.  

  13. Other Available Actions:

    1. Save and Apply Later: Saves your progress on the ERA allowing you to return later and apply the payment.

    2. Restart ERA: Restarts all applied amounts and resolved errors.

    3. Track: Track any claim or payment associated with this ERA.

    4. View EOB Report: View the EOB associated with this ERA.

    5. Documents:  View or associate any new documents.

    6. View Activity: View the activity screen for any patient on this check.

  14. Once all errors have been resolved and you have reviewed the ERA, click the Apply Payment button to post your payment.  

Want to learn more about the additional actions buttons on the bottom of the screen? Visit our Additional Payment Actions Help Article.