View Patient Activity

The Patient Activity will allow you to view a listing of the patient’s claim, miscellaneous  debit, credit, statement, payment, summary activity and dependents. This includes detailed data and the ability to open claims, checks, and other sections directly from the activity listing. The patient’s claims activity is defaulted to list all of the claims, dates, totals, balances and current status of the claims.

Follow the steps below to view a patient's activity. 

  1. Select Patient > Patient.

  2. Use the Search field to search through your patients. 

    Place a check in the “Include inactive patients” box to include inactive patients in your search results.

  3. Select the Patient.

  4. Click the Activity button.

  5. Optional: Use the View Options button to filter what information is shown on the activity page.

    1. Use the Order Claims drop-down menu to set the order claims should display on the activity page.

    2. Show Entered Dates: Show the dates claims or payments were entered.

    3. Summary/Detailed: This determines how much information will show on the activity page. 

    4. Use the Charge Filter to select which claims should show on the activity page.

    5. Use the Show Aging Balance By drop-down menu to change how the balances should display.

    6. Click Apply.

  6. Click any of the arrows to expand the row to see a detailed listing of the activity data. The activity will page will also include hyperlinks that open specific claims, patients, payments or credits.

  7. Click Close to exit.

Activity Summaries

Each activity page contains summarized information. Reference this help article to learn more about each summary report.

  • Payment and Adjustment Breakdown: The Payment and Adjustment Breakdown table provides a high-level overview of what has been collected by the patient, what has been collected from their insurance, and how much has been taken in as adjustments from the insurance. This table also shows how much has been applied from account credits on the patient's account.

  • Charge Balance Breakdown by Balance by Charge Status: The Balance by Charge Status table under the Charge Balance Breakdown summary provides a grand total of all outstanding charge balances by charge status. This allows users to quickly see at a glance where their outstanding balances are "sitting.                     

  • Charge Balance Breakdown by Balance Due To: The Balance Due To table under the Charge Balance Breakdown summary provides a grand total of all outstanding charge balances based on the party (patient or insurance) that is responsible for paying. This table also allows users to easily see how available account credits, due patient and insurance, impact the total amount owed.

  • Aging Balance Summary: The Aging Balance Summary tables provide an aging view of outstanding charges, separated by what is owed by the patient and what is owed by insurance. Users can easily change the way the outstanding amounts are bucketed by selecting the proper date (DOS, entered date, and last billed date) that best suits their office's workflows.