FDN Settings

The Edit Settings button allows you to to enable, disable or edit settings to different types of statements. 

  1. Select Customer Setup > Statements.

  2. Use the Practice to Manage Statement Configuration for drop-down menu to select the desired practice.

    If you have multiple practices, these settings must be configured under each participating practice. 

  3. Under the Automation Statement Generation table, click the Edit Settings button. 

  4. Use the checkbox(es) to enable or disable the types of statements you would like to use.

  5. Configure the settings associated with the Final Demand Notice (FDN) type.

    1. Choose the Frequency for sending statement and FDN’s: Select the day of the month you wish statements to be generated (Choose from 1 - 28 days because there are only 28 days in the month of February). New statements will be generated on this date each month, for patients with outstanding balances in the status of Balance due Patient, regardless of the last statement date.

    2. Minimum amount required for sending Statements and FDNs: For example, enter "$5.00" if you wish to have patients with a balance greater than or equal to $5.00 receive a statement.

    3. Number of times to send Statement unless the patient balance paid in full: Enter the number of times a statement should be sent if unpaid.

    4. Automatically send FDN to patient after the maximum number of statements have been sent? Select to send an FDN after a predefined number of statements have been sent.

    5. Select the Account Types to send Statements and Payment Plan statements to: Select All Account Types or identify specific patient account types (eg., Self Pay, Payment Plan, Collection) that should receive a statement.

  6. Click Save.

Important Note: Modifying the date or number of days for a statement will cause ALL charges that are set to "Balance Due Patient" to be printed and mailed again. CollaborateMD is not responsible for duplicate statements in the event the date is modified.